Chateau - Aznauri

          Boutique hotel "Chateau Aznauri"  is the first-class rest complex, located on vineyards of Kakheti nearby the village Eniseli and the castle Gremi.

The complex includes:

  • Restaurant for forty persons with tremendous Kakhetian dishes. Restaurant is suitable for banquets, wine evenings with tasting of self-produced Georgian wines, you may also enjoy master classes from the chef of our restaurant in baking of Shoti bread in the traditional furnace Tone and on preparation of real Georgian mtsvadi.
  • Boutique hotel for special guests: The hotel consists from three rooms, each of which is presented in the unique style, rooms have the general hall with a fireplace, you will be able to relax and have a rest from city bustle, taste the best wines and brandies from our cellars.
  • Caller – Marani: We manufacture wines by a traditional Kakhetian method in the clay jugs dug into the earth - Kvevri. Till readiness wine ferments during several months at a soil temperature. In our cellar we have 14 Kvevries, which are filled up in the earth, total volume of Kvevries makes 25 tons. During harvesting wine makers use selected grapes from our vineyards and manufacture wine especially for you with consequence control of fermentation process.

        In September, during one of the most important events - the Holiday of a harvest (Rtveli), you will have an opportunity to take part in collection, extraction of grapes and in manufacture of wined in Kvevri. Don't miss this unique chance to get acquainted with culture of winemaking in Georgia and to enjoy  Georgian wines in our complex "Chato Aznauri"

Produced wine

We performed a traditional Georgian wine bottling plant indigenous grape varieties: KINDZMARAULI, Akhasheni, Tsinandali, Khvanchkara, Mukuzani, Saperavi, Alazani Valley, Ojaleshi, house wine, varietals, Goruli green and Georgian brandy.